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FREE Player's Page puts your videos and performance stats in in front of college coaches


Create and share videos with friends and recruiters with "1-click" simplicity


Registration, communication, evaluations, coaching systems and more... all in 1 ststem


Imagine your entire showcase organized from "wake up" to "lights out" ...including meals


Registration - Without the crazy fees!

Automate your registration and billing systems with modern technology that doesn't sneak in those obnoxious "back-end" fees that everybody hates.

Offer custom payment schedules, early pay discounts, one-time payments or anything you can imagine.

100% control - 0% added fees!

Email and Text Automation

Keep everyone up to date with broadcast emails and text messages or automate your communication and reuse the same messages year-after-year.

You can even combine email and test broadcasts to ensure everyone sees your messages.

No need for MailChimp, ConstantContact or others.

Customer Relationship Manager - CRM

You'll wonder how you ever survived without a CRM to automate the things you hate doing repeatedly and your entire staff will know exactly what's happening at all times.

If you do any type of recruiting, this CRM will automatically filter the bad candidates from the pool so you can focus your time on the players truly interested in your program.


Survey System - But Better!

The only survey system built into your CRM to create automation based upon how people answer.

Never again will you waste your time chasing recruits or trying to figure out how to keep your parents and players happy.

Surveys that do work for you - Hands free!

Scheduling System - Soccer Specific

Generic scheduling systems are fine... if you're generic.

Soccer is a special sport with special scheduling needs that no generic scheduling system understands. When you want your life to be stress free, then this is the system you need for your team.

This is the scheduling system built just for you!

Itinerary System

If your showcase events were as simple as shown up for the game, life would be so easy.

But there's a whole lot more that happens when you and your team travel out of state which is why we provided an all-day itinerary system that covers everything.

From wake up to lights out... we have you covered!

Meal Planner

Your admins and chaperones will love you.

There are few things in life as difficult as coordinating meals and special needs for all the kids and coaches.

With the mobile app meal planner, all these problems disappear, and everyone gets what they ordered.



Communicate with your teams, groups, organization and more.

If you need to send attachments with your messages, we have you covered there as well.


Coaching Video System

Built in editor makes creating coaching videos a breeze.

No complicated software to learn? just upload, make your notes and share with your players.

Or hold a video session and use the tags and Jump Button to get directly to the desired action.


Highlight Video Creator

1-click simple to create highlights from any video.

share them with friends, family and social media or use them on your Player's Page to get recruited for college.

The video "pause" and yellow circle (focus animation) are created "point and click" simple to add any highlight.


Virtual Coach

No time to do it yourself?

Hire a cost-effective Virtual Coach to tag your videos or even add the Coach's Tips.

The ability to share the workload but still retain 100% control can make your life a lot easier to manage.


Player's Pages

Showcase your skills with a FREE Player?s Page where you can personalize the page URL, that you will keep forever.

Add your performance stats and select the highlight videos, touch videos and even full game videos to your page.

All your information and videos in 1-place to make it easy for college coaches to see your skills.


Learning Center

Build your club culture with a library of best practices and systems of play that everyone can view and learn.

Videos, audio files, PDF's, Power Point slide shows and more.


Session Planner

Create, share and schedule your Practice Session plans to keep your season and plans organized.

Reuse, combine and modify your session activities from ideas you created or shared from other coaches within your organization.

Session plans built into your scheduling system!

Performance Profile

Track your players over the course of a season or full year.

You choose the time periods and the activities to track, and the system does the rest.

Player Evaluations

Player Evaluations

Cruise through the Player Evaluations in record time with automation that removes all the redundancy and time-wasting effort.

Need DOC approval? That's built-in already.

Free mobile app gives you freedom to watch games, check your schedule and manage your account from anywhere

In The Cloud & On The Go

Free mobile app gives you freedom to watch games, check your schedule and manage your account from anywhere

Player Evaluations

Can It Get Any Better Than This?

Saving money, better coaching, smarter players and happier admins...
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What People Are Saying

  • The meal planner is a godsend. I used to waste more time organizing the meals than we took to eat the meals. Whoever thought of adding this into the scheduling system really understands how hard it is being the team admin.
  • It does take time to review the videos and add my coaching tips but this is a much better way to teach my players. In the end, I???m actually saving time I used to waste repeating myself and the kids have become much ???smarter???.
  • I still can???t believe this is free!
  • Player???s pages are AWESOME! So easy to send 1 link to the college coaches and have them see all my highlight videos and learn more about me.
  • As an organization, I would say our #1 most hated duty is completing the player evaluations. I won???t say the coaches ???like it??? but the automated performance evaluation system lets them spend less time doing it and more time on the pitch with their teams.
  • Sharing giant game videos used to be a major pain in the neck but SocrPro makes it so simple. Click one button and the whole team gets their own copy instantly.