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    Does it All!





Create game highlights
Share with friends
Improve your game





Share highlights with recruiters
Free to use, free to keep
Easy Editor makes it simple





Turn "potential" into "performance"
Only system 100% soccer specific
Tracking, tagging, scripting





Keep everybody up-to-date
Easy schedule management
Itinerary automation included

  • Coaching Videos

Smarter players are better players. Don’t just “tell them”...”show them”.

  • Highlight Videos

Share the best plays with friends and recruiters. Create game and season highlight videos.

  • Private Lessons

Some lessons are best done 1-to-1. Communicate directly with 1 player or a small group.

  • Scheduling

The only system built for the unique needs of competitive soccer teams.

  • Itinerary System

There’s more to scheduling than just the game. Ensures everyone is at the right place at the right time.

  • Messaging

Instantly keep everyone up to date. Last minute changes are a breeze to manage.

  • Session Planner

Creating, reusing and sharing your practice sessions is now done with “drag & drop” simplicity.

  • Performance Profile

Evaluate, track and graph key athletic elements of all your players over a season or year to year.

  • Player's Page

Show the world what you’re capable of doing on the field. Share as much or little as you choose.

  • Player Evaluations

Complete system automation saves hours of tedious repetition while providing the best feedback possible.

  • Learning Center

Build the culture of your club / team and increase your player’s soccer IQ as part of their development.

  • Virtual Coach

No time to break down the game videos? We’ve got you covered so you can spend more time on the field.

In the cloud & On the go

Free mobile app gives you freedom to watch games, check your schedule and manage your account from anywhere



Can It Get Any Better Than This?

From creating smarter players to a smarter scheduling system... players, parents, coaches and admins all love the way SocrPro does it all!
Best of all, It's 100% free to start and free to use... forever!

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  • The meal planner is a godsend. I used to waste more time organizing the meals than we took to eat the meals. Whoever thought of adding this into the scheduling system really understands how hard it is being the team admin.
  • It does take time to review the videos and add my coaching tips but this is a much better way to teach my players. In the end, I’m actually saving time I used to waste repeating myself and the kids have become much “smarter”.
  • I still can’t believe this is free!
  • Player’s pages are AWESOME! So easy to send 1 link to the college coaches and have them see all my highlight videos and learn more about me.
  • As an organization, I would say our #1 most hated duty is completing the player evaluations. I won’t say the coaches “like it” but the automated performance evaluation system lets them spend less time doing it and more time on the pitch with their teams.
  • Sharing giant game videos used to be a major pain in the neck but SocrPro makes it so simple. Click one button and the whole team gets their own copy instantly.