About Us

Are we really any different?

Parents, coaches and players that love the game… maybe a little too much?

  • 36 and raining - put on the Under Armour
  • 105 and 90% humidity - drink more
  • 1st game at 7:00 Am after a 6-hour drive after work the night before - yup

Endless hours at practice, long commutes, and squeezing the rest of your life into the time left over are just standard parts of the game.

We get it, we’re there beside you, doing the same things you do with the same challenges and the same joys. Who would want it any other way?

But …

…just because we’re willing to persevere doesn’t mean we don’t want the soccer experience to be the best it can be! While we can’t solve the problems of time, distance and weather, there are some great things we can do to make our soccer lives noticeably better…

…and help our favorite players win more games!

Let’s face some simple facts

The “other guys” out there like to brag about the “23 different sports they support”… but you don’t really care do you? Unless you’re in one of these “other” sports, why should you care that they’re the leader in football, baseball, or basketball?

You have your own unique problems and the “other” football software isn’t solving them!

So after years of listening to the needs of coaches, the frustrations of fellow parents, and our own desire for a better soccer experience, we put our “geek” capes on and went to work.

(Yes, “geeks” really do liken themselves to super heroes - why do you think we’re always at comic con?)

Take a look at what we created to share with you:

  • Better scheduling with field numbers and kit colors - Check
  • Itinerary system with a meal planner for travel teams - Check
  • Built in messaging - Check
  • Attendance tracking - Check
  • Share **MASSIVE** videos with 1 click - Check
  • Create highlight videos with “point & click” simplicity - Check
  • Coaching video system to make the players 3X (or more) smarter - Check
  • Graphical performance reports - Check
  • Time saving “virtual coach assistant” - Check
  • Automated player appraisal system - Check
  • Session creator with “easy share” - Check
  • Player’s Pages for every player - Check
  • Mobile app - Check
  • Built only for soccer - Check
  • Cluttered up with complexity and features for “other” sports - Big Nope!

We really built SocrPro for ourselves, but hey, it would be kind of rude not to share so we made it 100% FREE so you can enjoy it as well.

C’mon and join us, you don’t even need a credit card, just sign up and go.

We’ll even help you get started with real people you can call for free assistance.

Call us with any questions, suggestions or comments… or just call us if you have a good soccer story to tell us, we’d love to hear from you: (847) 380-7303