About Us

36 degrees... wind blowing... light rain... winter coats with multiple layers on underneath and a blanket or 2 on top... now we're talking about Illinois soccer!

The players, parents, coaches, and even the referees that show up for these games are the people we thought of, they're the people we're friends with, it's the people we've been for the last 12 years.

Never missing a game, traveling cross country to league games and tournaments, listening to players laughing and celebrating the entire 7 hour ride home... other times driving in complete silence after a tough loss.

Soccer is unlike anything else and you're either the type of person that shows up when the weather sucks (with a capital "S") or you're not.

We show up!

We always show up.

We watch every minute of every game and we record every minute of every game...

...and then we watch the game film and look for ways to improve for the next game.

We do this because it works!

It helps every player at every level but there was never a good video system for soccer. American football has their fill of options but sharing a common name between the 2 sports is the end of their similarities.

So after years of listening to the needs of coaches, and the frustrations of parents, we created SocrPro.

The only 100% soccer specific video system ever created free on the cloud!

"Point & Click" simplicity means anyone can use the full power of SocrPro for fun or the serious job of helping players reach their full potential.

Sharing highlights is now easy... creating these highlights on the field still takes hard work and skill.

SocrPro was created to help you with both.

Sign up for your account today. It's fun, free, and easy.